‘Parts of Speech’ Scavenger Hunt

Follow the instructions below to complete the Scavenger Hunt. Answers can be written in your English book or typed in a Word document.


1. Go to: www.shentonseussville.edublogs.org. Read the post titled ‘Lily Seeds’. In the first paragraph find: 1 common noun starting with f,  a, s, t and g. Then find 1 abstract noun starting with s, t and h.


2. Go to: www.shentondahlings.edublogs.org. Read the post titled ‘Boy in the Striped Pyjamas’ and find 5 proper nouns. Then read the post titled ‘Society of S’ and find another 5 proper nouns.


3. Go to: www.shentonthroughtime.edublogs.org. Read the post titled ‘Pixie-lated’ and find 10 verbs. Write each verb in present tense form e.g. instead of made (friends), write ‘to make’; instead of dancing, write ‘to dance’.


4. Go to: www.shentonmuggles.edublogs.org. Read the post titled ‘Digging Up Memories’. In the first paragraph find: 3 verbs (written in present tense form), 1 abstract noun, 1 adjective, and 1 adverb (of time). In the second paragraph find 5 adjectives. In the third paragraph find 2 adverbs (of manner).


5. Go to: www.shentonchefs.edublogs.org. Read the post titled ‘The Watch’. In the first paragraph find 3 adjectives. In the sixth paragraph find another 3 adjectives. Then read the post titled ‘Surprise!’ and in the first paragraph find 3 adverbs (of manner).


6. Go to: www.shentondasp.edublogs.org. Read the post titled ‘The Queen’s Sickness’ and find: 7 common nouns, 6 proper nouns, 5 adjectives, 4 verbs that are synonyms of ‘to say’, 3 adverbs and 2 pronouns referring to more than one person.


You made it! Enjoy your reward!

 Image used from: Cheezeburger