Step 3: Personalising but not over-personalising your blog

The last part of this week’s lessons is to create an ‘About’ page. To do this, you’ll need some idea of:

1. How to use your Dashboard:

2. The difference between Posts and Pages:

3. How to write and edit Posts and Pages: 

Once you’ve read those, you can read these:

These links will give you instructions on how to create your ‘About’ page. I’ve also included a link on embedding images if you want to get a little creative – just remember copyright!

Image used from: Graphics Hunt

Before you finalise and publish your About page, here are a few things to consider:

1. Your About page could be an overview of your English class and this project, or it could be an overview of your group.

2. Never include specific personal information. Do not use real names, and even refer to the school and community in vague terms e.g. ‘Shenton’ (there’s no point hiding that one ‘cos it’s in the URL…).

3. Have a look at other About pages. See what’s out there in the Edublogs’ community, and try to be just as creative! Here’s a useful link:

4. Don’t publish before editing for grammar, punctuation and spelling! ><

Photo used from Buzzlol

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